About José

About José

José Beekers works as an artist, author, writer and coach in Breda (South of the Netherlands). She studied Business Economics and Information Technology (Bachelor) and Information Management (Master). She also has a degree to teach in Bachelor level and is a certified Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). She was very interested in the new technology that emerged in the eighties and nineties and the changes that came with it in organizations. She worked from 1984 till 2002 in big organizations, in different jobs, as a computer scientist, consultant, (project)manager, and as a teacher.

In this period, she became aware that, ultimately, it is for a big part all about change in insights and behaviour from people, if you want to append changes in organizations. Parallel to this period she was dealing with some physical, medical issues since her childhood and she also fell into a long depression. She couldn’t find answers for either in the mainstream world. Driven by a need for solutions, interest, and curiosity, a search arose. Besides that, she always felt a big desire for authenticity. She came in contact with several alternative therapies, for as well food, behaviour and emotional issues. She started studying and applying NLP. This helped to solve a lot of issues in her life, including the depression. She also dived into the new age movement, she studied and worked with flower essences, many kinds of healing modalities and systemic constellation. She worked with meditation and breathing techniques and she immersed herself in spirituality, philosophy and quantum physics. From 2002 till 2010 she had a thriving coaching business, in which she applied all of the above techniques.

After that followed a period of integration, deepening and experimenting. NLP kept on being very useful. It took years before it got through completely how strongly programmed we live.

She describes in her book DISCOVER your FREEDOM! in a bright way, how we can ‘deprogram’ ourselves. Her conclusion is that we are consciousness and with that, we can create our life by attracting energy to it. Unfortunately, this pure consciousness is often covered by a shell of programming, controlled by the mind, like convictions, beliefs, norms, and limitations, from which most people live. She realized that our whole 3D reality is an illusion, it doesn’t really exist. This programming is the reason for many problems, including depression, burnout, stress and other as well personal, as social problems.

She lives from this free and authentic consciousness herself, which gives her possibilities to feel into many dimensions. These dimensions can also be perceived in her paintings. A diversity of impressions can be seen in her work. Depending on the kind of consciousness and the choices and perception of the viewer, something different can be experienced. This makes her art fascinating. In her book DISCOVER your FREEDOM! she explains what this pure, free consciousness, which she calls master consciousness or the Master, is and what this illusionary consciousness is. She calls this the Matrix. She also gives very clear and practical tools to unravel this, so that you can start experiencing your freedom. She is guiding individuals. groups and businesses according to the vision she describes in this book, in a free, inspired and relaxed way.

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