Discover My Artistic World
Freedom, Depth, and Alchemy

For me, art is about liberation and forging direction. Painting feels like an alchemical process where I’m guided by what’s happening within and around me, harmoniously merging those sensations onto the canvas.

My paintings act as windows to the realities and emotions I experience. In this process, I employ all my senses. There’s so much that bridges my feelings and the moment the paint touches the canvas, resulting in multiple layers within each piece. Take a moment, and you’ll find that each painting houses many tales, narrated through metaphors, figures, symbols, or sometimes just colours.

Freedom is a central theme in my work, inspired by the world around us and humanity’s perpetual quest for liberation. This passion is evident in my painting technique and in the various impressions on the canvas. Depending on your perspective, there’s always something new to discover.

I warmly invite you to step into my world, to look, to feel, and to be inspired by the depth and dynamism of each painting.


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