Art: Liberate and create direction

Painting is an alchemy process for me. I liberate everything that is around me and within me as much as possible and at the same time I create direction with all kinds of potentials that integrate harmoniously with each other.

The paintings reflect the deepest reality that I am aware of and can possibly experience. I use all my senses in this process. There are many dimensions between these experiences, perceptions and feelings, and the moment the paint hits the canvas. This results in different layers of abstraction in the work. If you look well you see several paintings on one piece of canvas. I use metaphors, figures, symbols or just colours. The impressions are perceived as classical, contemporary and very futuristic. I consider time frames as concepts and parts of the potentials, which you can choose to step into or ignore. Obviously, there is always movement in the paintings, because in reality everything continuously evolves and changes.

Nowadays, people that want to be free is a recurring theme in the world around us. I believe liberation is a continuous and natural process for individuals, organisations and societies. The awareness of this process is increasing.

Therefore, the overall theme of my work is freedom. This becomes visible in the way I paint as well as in the diversity of impressions in my work. Depending on the perception and choices of the viewer, something different can be experienced. This makes the paintings very dynamic, original and always fascinating.