For whom.

For whom

Do you recognize one, or several, of the below situations?

  • Do you ever wonder what is left for humans when technology evolves faster than humans?
  • Are you interested in what will be the next phase in evolution?
  • Are you very curious for new experiences?
  • Do you suffer from burnout, depression, addiction, stress or other destructive behaviour and is no therapy (regular or alternative) helping you any further?
  • Are your thoughts always going around in circles and do you have lots of doubts about almost everything and having a lack of real feeling(s)?
  • Do you know that you create your own life, so believe in ’The law of attraction’, but are you obtaining no positive results?
  • Did you dive into the new age movement and are you disappointed about what it is bringing you?
  • Do you have a feeling that you miss something, searching for it in the outside world, like a god or religion(s) or movement and doesn’t it bring you what you expected?
  • Do you reflect a lot on the meaning of life, can’t find it and become frustrated by it?
  • Do you feel lonely or like a stranger in this world and do you have no idea how to change that?
  • Are you a High Sensitive Person and fed up with it?
  • Do you feel as if there is so much more possible then you experience right now and don’t you have any idea what it is, or how to get there?
  • Do you have the feeling that you live in a fake world and are you always looking for truth and authenticity?
  • Do you understand that you can only live in the ‘now moment’ but can’t you see how this can add to a positive future?
  • Are you aware of the influence of information on your well-being, sometimes confused or overwhelmed by it and do you have no idea how to choose from it, or influence that or what to do with it?
  • Are you often overwhelmed by your own thoughts and/or emotions, and is it therefore unclear to you what your core needs are?
  • Did you always rely on the outside world, do you experience less support now and don’t you have no idea how to live more independent or how to rely on yourself?
  • Are you in general stuck in live?
  • Are you a coach or therapist with clients that recognize the above situations?

Then there is a big chance that by reading the bookDiscover Your Freedom” you obtain new relevant insights and/or coaching where the aim is to contact your own master and unravel your matrix can be valuable.