Online coaching program DISCOVERyourFREEDOM!


16 effective coaching tools

The online coaching program DISCOVERYOURFREEDOM consists of 16 proven most effective tools aimed at making a shift from your programmed consciousness, this we call the Matrix or Matrix Consciousness, to your pure consciousness, this we call Master or Master Consciousness.

If you integrate the coaching tools into your daily life you will detach yourself from your thoughts and emotions, relax deeply and energy will flow freely. This creates space in your Matrix, you can start to experience your Master Consciousness and create magic in your life.


1. Conscious breathing

2. Get acquainted with meditation

3. Perception preference in changing emotions

4. Liberation from the influence of negative communication from others

5. Relax your thoughts

6. Liberation from resistance

7. Contact with your inner energy field

8. Peripheral perception with as many senses as possible

9. Liberation from comparisons

10. Liberation from labeling

11. Listening to silence

12. Focusing perception on awareness of things

13. Liberation from identification

14. Broaden your thinking

15. Resolving inner conflicts

16. Connection with nature